As many of us prepare to wind down for the Christmas break, one thing that shouldn’t be left until the last minute is any necessary transportation that needs booking in advance. Especially, if you’re planning on catching a flight across the country to spend the festive period with loved ones.

Not only does leaving flight tickets until days before you’re due to travel massively increase the cost, but it also runs the risk of all flights being fully booked, leaving you left behind. And with only five days over the Christmas period to visit loved ones, public transport is expected to be busier than ever.

However, it’s worth knowing that those with an existing annual multi-trip policy may actually have some protection already in place, should anything happen during their trip.

For example, some multi-trip policies provide cover for any flight or accommodation cancellation if you are staying away from your home address for more than two nights. Other multi-trip policies provide cover for personal possessions, should they get lost or damaged during your trip. And while you probably won’t need a great deal of cover travelling from one city to another, it’s worth being aware of what’s available should you need it.

On top of this, while it’s not something we hope will happen over the festive period, a number of multi-trip policies will also provide cover for a limited amount of medical costs. For example, additional travel or accommodation expenses, should you need help returning home after medical emergency.

While you won’t be able to claim for private treatment if you need emergency assistance, you might be able to submit a claim for extra expenses incurred as a result.

Of course, the level of cover included in a policy will also massively vary from provider to provider, but it’s definitely worth checking your policy wording to see if you have any UK cover.

If you require more information on the level of cover provided in your policy, we would recommend that you get in touch with your travel insurer directly.