The UK government has recently announced that any Brits returning from countries on the ‘red list’ must quarantine in selected hotels for up to 10 days before returning home, “without exemption”.

While details around which countries are on the ‘red list’ are yet to be confirmed, it is expected that the high-risk destinations already on the travel ban list, such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, will be included.

Arrivals are expected to be transported directly into quarantine after being met at the airport and required to stay at their designated hotel for the duration of their isolation period, all at their own expense.

Further details around the cost of this are to be set out by the government, but it is believed the hotel bill will be around £1,500 per person – which cannot be claimed back for through a travel insurance policy.

The Australian-style scheme has been introduced as there are concerns that new Covid-19 variants could be entering the UK via high-risk destinations. So, in an attempt to reduce the number of Covid-19 strains and existing infection rates, harsher measures must be implemented.

We will be updating this page as more details are announced by the government, so be sure to check back for further guidance.