Saga, the over-50s holiday specialist, has recently announced that anyone going on a Saga holiday or cruise in 2021 must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The news comes as reports in the media revealed that tour operators had seen a surge in the number of people over 50 booking their summer holidays.

Saga holidays were due to restart in March and its cruise trips were meant to follow shortly after in April. However, the firm has said it will postpone all holidays until May in order to give customers enough time to receive their vaccinations.

Saga said its vaccination policy added to “stronger safety processes already planned for when holidays resume”, including “requiring cruise passengers to have a Covid-19 test before their trip, as well as a full medical screening.”

The decision to make vaccinations compulsory for customers has been welcomed by much of the travel industry so far, and some operators have even hinted that they also have plans to follow suit.

While this is promising news, it’s worth knowing that the majority of travel insurance providers will not cover denied entry or cancellation costs if you arrive to go on holiday without the necessary documentation or entry requirements, in this case, documentation to prove you have received your Covid-19 jab.