Scotland and Wales have reached another milestone on their roadmap to easing lockdown restrictions. Residents of the two nations now join their English neighbours and can finally enjoy a staycation with their households.

Travel between Scotland, England, and Wales is now permitted for residents of the three nations. Additionally, holiday rentals, campsites, and other forms of self-contained accommodation can welcome back visitors of the same household.

But what is a ‘staycation’? And how can you make sure that another surge in Covid-19 infections doesn’t put your trip (or finances) at risk?

A staycation is a holiday spent in your own country. These types of holidays have become increasingly more popular for those desperate to shake off that cabin fever after spending the last year at home. It’s also become a popular choice for those who want to escape their same four walls, but still have concerns travelling abroad as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Investing in a quality ‘staycation’ or UK-specific travel insurance policy is a good way to protect your trip from any unfortunate mishaps, as these types of policies typically include protection against most core elements of policy designed for a trip abroad. For example, many UK-specific or staycation policies now offer cover for factors relating to Covid-19.

As an example, some staycation policies will cover travellers to cancel their trip if anyone named on the policy catches Covid-19 before the holiday and has to isolate. They also offer a benefit if you fall ill with Covid-19 while on your trip and miss out on your holiday as a result of being hospitalised or confined to your accommodation. There’s also cover available specifically for those who have booked a holiday but only paid the deposit. The policies offer cover for cancellation in the event that you can no longer go on your trip – before the final holiday balance is due. For more information on this type of cover, click here.

There’s also protection out there for the newly introduced UK-only or ‘seacation’ cruises. While this type of holiday is perfect for anyone desperate for a typical cruise experience, it’s especially important to make sure that your policy includes cruise cover, as cruising often poses an additional risk to travellers. For more information on this type of cover, click here.

Staycation policies should always be taken out the same day as you book your holiday as should anything unexpected happen before your departure date, your holiday will be protected. Remember, travel insurance cover varies between providers, so it’s essential that travellers check the policy wording before they buy.