Recent news headlines have suggested that Scotland is heading towards another referendum as the latest opinion polls show an increase in the amount of support for Scottish nationalism.

It has been reported that the desire for change comes as many Scots feel anger towards the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and strain caused with Europe as a result of leaving the European Union (EU).

While another independence referendum has been refused by No.10, following Scotland’s decision to remain in the UK back in 2014, the increase in momentum spurred on by the difficulties experienced this year may soon become hard to ignore.

But what happens if Scotland becomes independent? How would this affect travel?

For many UK nationals, a holiday in Scotland is the perfect getaway, enjoyed by thousands every year. But should Scotland no longer be part of the UK, it is feared that English, Welsh, Northern Irish, and any other visiting foreign nationals would be greeted with a hard border upon arrival. If this ends up being the case, a trip to Scotland could look similar to entering other EU countries, with more thorough checks at the borders.

Of course, staycation policies are already available and should be invested in by anyone staying away from home as part of their holiday, but would more comprehensive insurance be required for those holidaying in Scotland?

Nevertheless, at the time of writing this is all speculation and merely a consideration into what the future may look like should Scotland leave the UK. There’s no guarantee there will even be another referendum. However, it’s safe to say the issue will most likely be discussed a lot more in the coming months.