As searches surge for staycation destinations in the UK and more people consider spending their summer holiday closer to home, many people may be wondering why they should buy travel insurance and what a UK insurance policy may cover them for.


Why should I get travel insurance for a staycation?

What many people don’t realise is that travel insurance for a UK holiday is just as important as buying insurance for a trip abroad, as it is designed to protect both yourself and your holiday from the many reasons that could leave you out of pocket.

Travel insurance is there to protect you against unexpected or unseen events. So, with all the uncertainty in the world right now, many people will take great comfort in spending a few pounds for an extra layer of financial protection during their trip.

Staycation policies cover you for many of the core insurance aspects, including cancellation, curtailment, lost luggage, and personal possessions. However, they also include cover for other unexpected aspects that British travellers may face during their travels.


So, what should I be looking out for in a staycation policy?

Just like most international travel insurance policies, cover can vary from provider to provider. So, we’ve listed some of the most important elements to look for when choosing your staycation travel insurance policy.


Property damage cover

Those eager to rent a holiday home should be looking for policies that include ‘property’ or ‘accidental damage’ cover, as this will protect your finances should you (or the kids or dogs) accidentally break something during your stay.

In fact, ensuring you have this cover could be the difference between getting your deposit back or not!


Vehicle breakdown cover

Surprisingly enough, some UK or staycation travel insurance policies will actually cover you should your car breakdown during your trip.

Some UK travel policies will help offer reimbursement of emergency call-out costs if your vehicle breaks down. While others will cover you to stay in nearby accommodation until your vehicle is fixed!

So, if you’re someone who only has ‘near home’ cover on your roadside policy, this cover is definitely something worth investing in!


Gadget cover

Without even realising it, many of us take thousands of pounds worth of ‘stuff’ with us on our holidays. Just think, you’ve got little Jack’s iPad, Ben’s iPhone 11, Air Pods and Apple Watch, Dad’s Mac Book and Mum’s very new fancy camera.

Many people wouldn’t normally have cover for these items outside of the home on their home insurance policy. So, it’s important to make sure these gadgets are fully protected against theft or damage during your travels!


Attraction closure cover

If suddenly the attraction you’re meant to be visiting during your holiday closes for whatever reason, and you are no longer able to use your prepaid tickets, most staycation policies will cover you for any lost costs!


Access to a UK based GP

Thanks to the NHS, us Brits are fortunate enough not to pay for medical costs upfront in the UK. Therefore, the need for medical cover isn’t necessary for a staycation policy.

However, some staycation policies actually offer the benefit of 24/7 medical support, meaning customers can book a video appointment with a GP if they have any health concerns during their trip.


And much more…

Lots of staycation policies also include cover for event tickets, for example, if you can no longer attend a festival you booked. Activities such as zip-lining parachuting, surfing, mountain biking, and trekking for all those who enjoy getting a little more adventurous during their break, and also many have no upper age limit, meaning there’s no-one stopping Nan from getting on the Segway!


Things to be aware of!

It’s worth knowing that most travel insurance policies will only cover UK breaks if they are for more than two nights and you are staying in pre-booked accommodation, such as a hotel, log cabin, caravan, etc.

However, there are a few policies that do not have a minimum duration, so it’s always worth checking what’s available and shopping around to see what policy suits your holiday best!