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Travel Insurance Explained

The aim of Travel Insurance Explained is to help you understand travel insurance. Too many people buy travel insurance without really knowing what they are paying for. By helping customers understand insurance better, we believe we can reduce disputed claims, and give customers the tools they need to ensure they get the most appropriate policy and understand how travel insurance works in clear and simple English.

Winter Sports Tips!

Watch Joe and Ellie meet for the very first time on a winter sports holiday skiing in the Alps, let’s hope they have the correct travel insurance! Watch the video now.

Know Your Cover

Do you know what your travel insurance covers you? Watch the video and see how much you know!

Meet Sam and Myles

Meet Sam and Myles and hear their thoughts on travel insurance, and their holiday planning.

The Finney Family

Meet the Finney family and hear their thoughts on travel insurance, and their summer holiday plans.

The Ranas Family

Meet the Ranas and hear their thoughts on travel insurance and what they would do in an emergency situation on holiday.

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Top tips for a happy holiday

Protect Your Ski Equipment

Ski equipment can be expensive and the last thing you want at the top of the mountain is to realise your skis have been stolen. Always put your skis in a designated ski rack. A top tip is to swap your skis in the rack with a friend to put off potential thieves.

Alcohol at Altitude

Remember, alcohol measures abroad vary and tend to be far more generous. Heat and altitude can affect how you process alcohol - sometimes enhancing the effects of alcohol!

Fit for Discharge vs. Fit to Fly

Fit for discharge from hospital is very different to fit to fly, whether it is air ambulance or commercial airline. By staying in resort until the risk of thrombosis and other complications that may arise from flying has reduced.

Skiing Off Piste

Many travel insurance policies won't cover you for skiing off piste as standard. You may need to pay an additional premium for this to be covered.

Make A Note

It’s a good idea to make a note of your travel insurance policy number and the emergency assistance telephone number – maybe keep a copy in your phone and your wallet. That way, if you need help, you know exactly who to contact straight away.

What’s The Excess?

Almost 1/3 of us don’t know if we’ve opted to pay a portion if we make a claimon our travel insurance policies. Check your excess – this is really important.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Keep an eye on your things. Just like at home – best not leave your wallet or that cool mobile on the beach while you go for a swim.

Check The Terms and Conditions

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size, fits all’ travel insurance policy – everyone’s needs are different so it’s worth a bit of time double-checking the Terms and Conditions.

Travelling in Europe? Get Your EHIC

You can apply for the EHIC through the NHS website. The EHIC is free and still DEFINITELY a must for those of us travelling in the European Union this summer.

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Travel Insurance, an essential holiday item, but one which is certainly more complex than people think

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017

Travel Insurance, an essential holiday item, but one which is certainly more complex than people think. We with rock bottom prices being offered in a very competitive market, is the consumer getting what they pay for or more importantly what they need? The simple answer is yes, they are getting what they pay for but not necessarily always what they need. We understand that consumers can be disappointed at the point of claiming against a travel insurance policy as the policy purchased predominant [...]

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