The study highlights how most (73%) Brits admit to indulging in, on average, seven glasses of beer or wine on a typical night out on holiday – compared to an average of four glasses when on a night out in the UK – yet the majority (76%) admit that they didn’t look at their policy to see what the alcohol restrictions were.

Travel Insurance Explained is warning that, while most people (76%) buy travel insurance, many could be under the illusion that they are covered for an alcohol related injury – when in fact they’re not. More than half (52%) of people surveyed said they would expect to be able to make a successful claim if they fall or have an accident – after a night out drinking.

As millions of holidaymakers head-off on a Christmas or New Year’s break, the leading travel insurance champion is reminding travellers to check their travel insurance policies as the majority will include an alcohol clause. It says that to avoid being left out of pocket should they need to make a claim, travellers need to be aware of what they will and won’t be covered for.

Fiona Macrae, from Travel Insurance Explained, says:

‘It’s understandable that UK holidaymakers like to drink more alcohol when going on holiday abroad, and while drinking alcohol is fine in moderation, people need to watch how much they drink, particularly in a country they are unfamiliar with, as excessive alcohol consumption can put you in dangerous situations or lead to accidents. It’s important to remember that some policies will not cover you if your blood alcohol level exceeds 0.19% – that’s approximately four pints or four standard glasses of wine, and some are even more restrictive.

‘So, if you’re going away this season, check the alcohol clause on your travel insurance policy and if you are going to be toasting in the New Year with a glass of champagne, make sure you have a policy that will cover you.’