Over 1,800 cases of the highly contagious measles virus have been reported in the Philippines since the 26th January 2019. According to the Department of Health Epidemiology Bureau, there have been 26 deaths.

An outbreak of the virus has been declared in several areas across the Philippines including Manila, the capital.

Measles can be very serious for young children and babies, and it is believed around 2.4 children in the Philippines are not vaccinated against the virus.

Holidaymakers looking to travel to the Philippines in the near future, especially if they are travelling with children, should ensure vaccinations are up to date and precautions are taken. Travel Health Pro, which was set up by the Department of Health in 2002 with the aim of protecting the health of British travellers, provide regular updates on the latest country-specific health advice.

It is important for holidaymakers to know of and recognise the symptoms of the airborne virus which is spread through coughing and sneezing and to seek medical advice is concerned. Symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, inflammation around the eyes and a red rash appears over the face and body.

Cases have increased in the past couple of weeks and so far in 2019 there has been a 74% increase in cases compared to 2018.