Storm Freya has caused chaos across the UK with thousands of residents left without power and many roads forced to close due to winds of over 74mph and flooding.

But the UK wasn’t the only country to suffer from devastating weather this weekend, at least 23 people have lost their lives and more than 40 are injured after a tornado struck Lee Country in Alabama. The tornado caused catastrophic damage with winds of up to 165mph.

An area of at least half a mile has been left in devastation.

Houses have been left without roofs and authorities fear the death toll will rise as rescue teams pull away the debris and rubble.

Alabama is now set to experience freezing temperatures as cold weather is forecast.

So far flights in and out of the state have not been affected, but in the UK, Storm Freya continues to cause disruption and passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline before heading to the airport.

In the event of transport delays, passengers will not be entitled to compensation as storms and adverse weather are classed as an extraordinary circumstance, and something which is beyond the airlines control.

Those looking to claim on their travel insurance policy should check for Force Majeure cover. This cover is not usually covered as standard under most travel insurance policies so it is best to check your policy wording carefully before submitting a claim.

For advice on how to submit a travel insurance claim, click here.