With its white sand and turquoise blue water, it’s not hard to understand why people want to head to the Maldives, but holidaymakers are, rightly, concerned after hearing of protests in the capital.

The protests arose on the 2nd February 2018 in the streets of Malé in response to emerging political developments and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising holidaymakers to exercise caution when visiting the Maldives.

It is confirmed that the outlying islands, resorts and Malé International Airport has not been affected by the protests.
So, is the Maldives safe to travel to?

The FCO does not advise against travel to the region, instead it urges British tourists to take appropriate security precautions and to be aware of the current situation. They also announced, that no flights have been cancelled and holidaymakers are still able to travel to and from the Maldives.
What will my travel insurance cover?

As the FCO has not advised against travel, your travel insurance policy is unlikely to accept a claim for cancellation due to disinclination to travel. Those already in the Maldives should be aware that their policy will not cover for curtailment unless medically necessary.
If you have booked an upcoming holiday to the Maldives and your accommodation has been affected you should speak to you travel agent or tour operator as they may be able to make alternative arrangement.

If a riot or civil war does arise whilst you are abroad and your travel plans are disrupted, you should speak to your travel agent, airline or the British embassy to discuss alternative transport. Travel insurance policies that include cover for force majeure may provide alternative transport, if it is not available from another source, so be sure to check your policy wording carefully.

It is important to note, all policies that were taken out after February 2nd will not provide cover for force majeure as the protests have already started.