When buying a travel insurance policy, Travel Insurance Explained is advising loved up couples to look for a policy that covers for those unexpected eventualities. For example, if your relationship turns sour, and you cancelled your trip, you could be left out of pocket, which is what happened to Rebecca from Kent.

Rebecca booked a long weekend away to Dublin for her and her boyfriend, but just three weeks before the holiday the relationship ended. Rebecca purchased a £10 standard single trip policy through a price comparison site and just like the other 25% of travellers surveyed by Travel Insurance Explained, Rebecca didn’t read her policy wording until she needed to make a claim. She ended up being out of pocket by £450 after losing the cost of her accommodation and the pre-paid tickets she had bought for Dublin Zoo.

Looking back at her mistakes, Rebecca says: ‘I was so angry and annoyed with the whole situation. Not only had my boyfriend broken up with me, I couldn’t change the names on the flight tickets and was definitely not going to travel alone.

‘I am still determined to visit Dublin one day and but next time I’ll make sure I have the correct travel insurance, so that I am covered for any eventuality.’

Fiona Macrae from Travel Insurance Explained says:

‘For a couple of pounds more, Rebecca could have saved herself a lot of money. No one likes to think about the worst-case scenario but it is always best to be covered for those unexpected events and look for a travel insurance policy which covers cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control.

‘As well as cancellation cover it is also important to make sure you have cover for your pre-paid excursions, as the costs can quickly add up when pre-booking multiple excursions abroad. There are few policies on the market that will offer cover for pre-paid tickets, so if you do book before you travel be sure to buy a policy that will cover you in that situation.’