Airlines are facing a crisis this summer after hundreds of Boeing aircraft are recalled over safety concerns. A number of incidents have taken place this year alone, including the door plug flying off a Boeing 737 Max in January. Chaos erupted on the Alaska Airlines flight at 16,000 feet and the aircraft was forced to return to Portland, Oregan. A small number of passengers and a staff member on board suffered minor injuries.

In addition, airline manufacturer Pratt & Whitney have recalled hundreds of engines used in short-haul airbuses.

The aircraft shortage will leave many air carriers very concerned ahead of the summer season. If airlines are not able to secure enough aircraft to handle passenger numbers, they may need to cancel flights and reduce services leaving British holidaymakers disappointed.

While cancellations have not been announced, holidaymakers should be made aware that it is a possibility their holiday may not go ahead as planned.

In the situation where flights are cancelled, travellers who have booked their holiday themselves should contact their airline directly for a refund. Those who have booked through a tour operator or travel agent should seek advice from the company they used as they will have a duty of care to ensure the holiday goes ahead or to refund any losses. Terms and conditions will differ between airlines and companies, so bear this in mind.

In terms of travel insurance, if the policy is in place before the flight cancellation is announced holidaymakers should speak to their travel insurance provider to discuss the options for claiming for cancellation. Usually, a claim will only be considered if the money cannot be claimed back from another source and the reason for claiming is covered in the policy wording.

Those concerned about cancellations this summer should ensure they read their policy wording carefully to understand what they are covered for, or alternatively speak with the insurer directly.