Authorities ordered the closure of Hong Kong International Airport yesterday after mass demonstrations and unrest continued. Campaigners have spent the last two months protesting against plans to allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China. These plans have now been suspended.

Yesterday, all flights from the UK to Hong Kong landed before the airport closed, but other inbound flights were instructed to turn back. The airport was re-opened this morning but disruption and cancellations continue.

Passengers due to travel to and from Hong Kong should check the airport’s website for the latest updates and confirm their flight’s status before travelling to the airport.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned that protests involving significant violence are likely to continue.


I am stuck in Hong Kong; how can I get home?

Passengers currently stranded in Hong Kong have the option to travel to another airport and book flights back to the UK, but it has not been confirmed whether costs will be reimbursed. Alternatively, passengers can remain in Hong Kong until the airport re-opens and the disruption disperses.

If passengers are due to fly with an EU airline, but their flight has been cancelled, they are entitled to meals and accommodation until the next flight is available. Those in need of this option will need to speak directly to their airline. Passengers not travelling with an EU airline will need to arrange, and pay for, accommodation and meals themselves.


I am in the UK and no longer wish to travel to Hong Kong, what should I do?

If the flight has not been cancelled but passengers no longer wish to travel to Hong Kong, they will need to speak to their airline directly. It’s unlikely a refund or re-scheduling option will be available, but terms will differ between airlines so it is worth checking.

Passengers who have booked through a travel agent or tour operator as part of a package deal will need to speak to the company directly as they may be able to re-book the holiday.

If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to Hong Kong, passengers will be entitled to a full refund of the holiday.


Can I claim on my travel insurance if I decide not to travel to Hong Kong?

 Travel insurance will not cover disinclination to travel. If the travel insurance policy covers civil unrest or cancellation for any cause and the area you are travelling to has been disrupted you may be able to claim for cancellation.

Cover will differ between insurers so passengers are advised to speak to their travel insurance company directly.