Irish airline, Ryanair has cancelled 190 of the 2,400 flights set to take off on Friday 28th September 2018 due to cabin crew strikes across six countries.

The strike, which is said to be the biggest strike to affect the airline, has been called as a result of Ryanair staff members, that are not based in Ireland, being employed under Irish legislation meaning their pay is deposited into an Irish bank account – preventing staff from building a credit rating and blocking their access to state benefits in their home country.

Although the budget airline is looking to improve employment contracts, this strike will affect 30,000 customers – who have been notified by text and email.

This is not the first time Ryanair has come under fire this year, with flight cancellations over the summer months causing chaos for thousands of travellers.

Those due to travel with the airline on Friday should take note of the following information:

The first point of call in the event of a strike should be the airline or your tour operator/travel agent.

As the strike has been announced before the date of travel, any cost for replacement transport or cancellation will not be covered by your travel insurance policy. The exception being if you have brought a policy that offers ’cancellation for any reason you could not have been expected to foresee or avoid’, only very few travel insurers will offer this so check your policy wording carefully before contacting your insurer and submitting a claim.

Under EU law, Ryanair has a duty of care to its customers and should either arrange an alternative flight or offer a full refund.

Airlines are also required to provide compensation if they have not given their customers at least two weeks warning. The amount of compensation will depend on the length of the flight, more information can be found by visiting the Civil Aviation Authority website.

If Ryanair are unable to arrange an alternative flight on the day of departure or the day after they are required to book you on a replacement flight, with another airline.

If your flight has been re-arranged and your holiday now goes beyond the period stated on your travel insurance, contact your travel insurer as they should amend these dates to ensure you are fully covered for your trip.

For any specific questions regarding the Ryanair strikes, please email