Travellers who booked holidays with Thomas Cook before the company collapsed are yet to receive refunds within the promised timescale.

Thomas Cook collapsed on 23rd September 2019 leaving more than 140,000 holidaymakers stranded abroad. According to the Independent, there are still around 650,000 travellers who had bookings with Thomas Cook that are yet to be refunded.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) promised to recompense Thomas Cook customers within a 60-day time frame but failed to do so – customers are upset and frustrated after being left out of pocket so close to Christmas.

The refund delays sparked anger and frustration for many Thomas Cook customers. Speaking to the Independent Lisanne Barrell questions,

“Why has it taken 59 days to work out that they need a credit card statement that was not originally requested?”

This comes at a particularly frustrating time as travellers whose flights were not covered by ATOL – flight only bookings – reported that they were re-compensated from their credit-card company a few days after Thomas Cook collapsed.

The CAA have said that claims period has been paused while they await required information – leaving customers annoyed and angry – it means that customers could face a further 60-day delay before they see any money. One third of customers have been contacted to provide additional information to process claims.

For many of those that booked package holidays, the CAA is responsible for cover against losses under ATOL protection. The authority has a duty of care towards customers in the event of financial failure of an airline or tour operator – they are expected to provide compensation.

The CAA has paid out £160 million already and says they will continue to pay claims as soon as possible.

If you have been affected by refund delays you can find out more by visiting the CAA website