Has your flight been affected today by the closure of London City Airport?

All flights to and from London City Airport have been cancelled after to an unexploded WWII bomb was uncovered nearby. The device was found at George V Dock on Sunday morning.
Metropolitan police and the Royal Navy have set up an exclusion zone surrounding the area to decrease risks to the public while the device is being dealt with.
London City airport sits inside the exclusion zone and surrounding properties nearby were evacuated.

Passengers who were due to travel from London City Airport today are being advised to contact their airline for further information and to not travel to the airport until further notice.
Those who booked their trip through a tour operator or travel agent should speak directly to the company as they may be able to make alternative travel arrangements. Passengers who booked their trip independently will need to speak to their airline for alternative transport or a refund of their flight cost, should they choose to cancel.
Passengers who wish to cancel their holiday following the delay should check their travel insurance policy to see if they are covered for ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’ – however, this will only cover any non-refundable expenses.

If you do choose to cancel, there are a few travel insurance policies that will cover the cost of non-refundable unused pre-paid excursions and also, car hire.

It is not yet known when London City Airport will reopen.