Early morning alcohol consumption at airports has hit the news again, however this time there are talks that the Home Office may put a stop to mid-morning boozing altogether.

After a reported rise in drunk and disorderly passengers boarding flights and causing disruption, the Home Office have announced that they will be spending the next three-months monitoring airport bars and restaurants to determine whether purchasing alcohol should be subject to the same licensing rules as pubs and eateries outside of airports – prohibited until 10am.

If the proposed law comes into place, this will mean early morning jet-setters will not be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage before their flight. Some Brits, who are disgruntled by the announcement, have taken to social media explaining that holidaymakers shouldn’t be punished just because ‘a few can’t handle their drink’, and that ‘some people use alcohol to calm their nerves before a flight.’

A report from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) found a 400% rise in disruptive passenger behaviour between 2013 and 2017, with a total of 417 reported incidents in 2017 alone. The CAA have also found that between January and July 2018 there’s been 202 reports of violent and intimidating behaviour caused by drunk passengers, not to mention a 50% increase in drunken-related arrests before take-off.

Drunken behaviour onboard a flight has previously caused flights to be delayed or diverted to alternative airports, not to mention cause distress for flight attendants and other passengers.

Until it is confirmed whether the new licensing law will come into place, it’s worth remembering that excessive drinking before a flight could result in a hefty fine or up to two years imprisonment.

Furthermore, your travel insurance will not reimburse the cost of your holiday if you are refused boarding or taken into custody and, miss your flight due to drunken behaviour.  However, this isn’t the only thing to consider with regards alcohol when you are abroad, read more here.

We know a pre-holiday beverage is part of the holiday experience but just be sensible, considerate, and know your limits.