Spain has been the choice of holiday destination for UK tourists for many years now. The short-haul flight, guaranteed sunshine and ease of entering the country all contributed to making Spain one of the most populated tourist destinations in Europe. However, this may all become a thing of the past if the UK leaves Europe with a no-deal.

With just 31-days left and another delay to the all-important vote, UK holidaymakers are still no nearer to knowing how their summer holidays will be affected regardless of whether we leave on a deal or no-deal.

It is estimated that extra passport checks could take up to 90 seconds per passenger at popular Spanish destinations such as Alicante and Tenerife.  Consumer group Which? has stated an additional 201 hours’ worth of immigration checks may be required at EU airports if the UK leaves without a deal. The investigation by Which? found that it could take five hours to process one full flight of UK passengers looking to enjoy the sun, sea and sangria of Spain.

Immigration checks, for UK passengers entering an EU country, may include checking the passports validity, purpose and length of stay, passport expiry date and whether they are able to financially support themselves.

A few weeks ago, the Government released a Passport Checker after announcing that nearly 3.5 million British passports will be invalid for travel on and after March 29th 2019.

Due to the heightened checks it is now more essential than ever for holidaymakers to ensure they have a valid passport and the required travel documents for the country they are travelling to. Travel insurance policies will not cover for any financial loss or holiday cancellation due to being refused entry for not having the correct documentation.

With long queues on the horizon in Europe, it comes as no surprise that travel agents have seen a rise in bookings for both Turkey and Egypt. But for those brave enough to face the unknown with Brexit, it is recommended they look for a travel insurance policy that will offer to cover any and all Brexit-related events or cancellation for any cause.

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