easyJet passengers due to fly to Lille in August will have to make their own way there, from Paris. Lille Airport is due to close between August 6th and August 7th 2019, leaving the budget airline no choice but to re-route its flights into the French capital.

According to the Express, the drive from Paris to Lille is just over two hours and just over an hour if passengers chose to travel by rail.

There has been no mention of how easyJet will compensate passengers.  However, according to their website, when a passenger is diverted easyJet will arrange a coach to the final destination airport, in this case; Paris to Lille. In the event where easyJet is unable to arrange transport they will reimburse the cost of trains, buses or taxis as long as they are reasonable.

This news comes just a week after easyJet’s check-in staff at Stansted Airport announced they plan to strike between July 26th and July 29th. Represented by Unite union, staff are demanding better pay so it is inline with the wage received by other staff members working at Stansted.

Striking over peak holiday season will cause chaos for passengers wanting to get away for their well-earned break.

easyJet is planning to put contingency arrangements in place so there is no impact on their customers, according to the website. The airline is urging Stobart Aviation and Unite to reach a resolution.

For more information on your rights following strike action, click here.