After a week of disruption, including road blocks in central London and protesters gluing themselves to trains in Canary Wharf, eco-activists have now threatened to shut down Heathrow Airport on Good Friday. The day thousands of people will be looking to travel abroad for Easter.

The organisers of Extinction Rebellion are rallying protesters as we speak, and have been apparently conversing via WhatsApp.

Protesters are said to be meeting at 8am tomorrow with plans to target the aviation industry and raise awareness of the changes that need to be made.

It is not yet known whether the Heathrow shut down is merely a threat, but holidaymakers looking to head off for their Easter break could face severe delays and disruption. Late last year hundreds of thousands of passengers had their Christmas travel plans put on hold as drone operators targeted Gatwick Airport.

As we head into the unknown, if the shutdown goes ahead passengers should contact their airline for any updates on delays or cancellations. It is unlikely compensation will be offered in the event of a delay as the reason will be totally out of the airlines control. However, affected passengers may be able to lean on their travel insurer if they were checked-in on time and before the delay to their flight was announced. More on this can be found here.

More updates to follow as we get them