As hurricane Laura hits the USA, we are reminded of just how devastating hurricane season can be.

It was expected to be one of the strongest storms to ever hit the US south coast, with winds of up to 150 miles per hour predicted and half a million residents told to evacuate the area.

Hurricane Laura and another storm, Marco, earlier struck the Caribbean, killing at least 24 people. The storms also brought heavy rain to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Gulf of Mexico and parts of Puerto Rico. While Marco downgraded to a tropical storm, Laura sustained wind speeds and was expected to cause unsurvivable damage.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs between June and November, with the peak usually in August. That means Brits who enjoy a long-haul, tropical holiday are at risk of having their getaways affected by strong winds and harsh rainfall during these months.

While British tourists are currently unable to visit the majority of destinations at risk of being affected by this year’s hurricane season, including the Bahamas, USA, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Philippines, they are currently permitted to visit Cuba.

We would recommend that anyone planning on travelling to any tropical destinations now, or in the future, makes sure that they have adequate travel insurance that includes cover for ‘Force Majeure’ to avoid any unforeseeable weather-related events that could affect the trip.

For more information on what force majeure is and how it can protect your trip click here.