The free InterRail passes offer travel across Europe’s rail network this summer, with tickets that could be worth up to £400 each in standard travel fares.

It’s estimated that there will be around 1900 passes available for British 18 year olds. The fortunate few will have to begin their travel between July and the end of September 2018. The applicants must be 18 years old at the time of their application and have nationality within the EU.

Those who get their hands on one of the railcards will be able to travel up to a maximum 30 days and visit up to four different country destinations.

Transport will mostly entitle users to rail services however the pass could also offer, where applicable, alternative transport including buses or ferries.

If you are lucky enough in obtaining free tickets, it would also be a good time to think about travel insurance.

With the rail card offering multiple destinations, it can be confusing looking at all the different policies available and searching through can be time consuming, but don’t just buy the cheapest policy you can find – always ensure you are buying a policy that will cover your individual requirements.

For those planning a week or two away a single trip policy could be the way to go!

However, if you plan on backpacking with the rail links, or wanting a lengthier adventure, a Long Stay policy may be more suitable.

If you are intending to fully use the free travel through the EU and want to take multiple trips rather than one extended holiday, a multi trip policy will cover you for unlimited trips from the UK throughout a 12-month period, just double check the restrictions on trip length of your chosen policy.

Getting around by rail can be an adventure, with so many places to stop and stare, and lots of chances for spontaneity and different activities to try. However, you need to ensure that the travel insurance policy you have covers you for you chosen pursuits.

Some travel insurance policies can be pretty restrictive and if you are planning activities such as hiking or canoeing you many need to purchase additional cover. Alternatively, when looking for a travel insurance provider, pick one which has a wider variety of activities covered as standard and who will also allow you to add cover for activities when you’re on your travels. That way you can take advantage of those spur of the moment events, and still have peace of mind should anything happen, you have the cover in place.

It’s also a good idea to check the policy you have bought carefully as the level of cover will vary between providers.

There are decent train links in the EU and with over 30 unique locations to visit, it’s a great way to discover cultures and cuisines, you can relax and enjoy the picturesque scenery from your comfortable cabin seat as you head off on your adventure with the right cover.