The Formula One sixth round returns to Monaco this weekend, a race which is an important part of the season.

Circuit de Monaco runs through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo and requires a high level of skill and precision making it an exciting race for the fans. In Thursday’s practice run, Red Bull spotted a one-two in both 90-minute sessions, with Ricciardo beating Verstappen on each occasion. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was third fastest.
The race is one third of the Grand Prix Triple Crown so it’s no wonder tickets sell out fast. As the French Riviera is an iconic setting for the rich and famous it is expected many will be watching from the comfort of their luxury yachts. But for those who have purchased tickets to sit race side, are they covered by their travel insurance?
Ticket prices start at around £200 and increase to a staggering £5000. Add that to the cost of flights to Monaco and accommodation near the venue, you will have spent a fair amount on your trip. With this in mind it’s important to buy the right travel insurance for your entire trip.

It is worth noting, if you are buying Formula 1 tickets as part of a package holiday and need to cancel the trip, this should be covered under travel insurance, provided the reason you are cancelling is specified. However, if you have booked your tickets online, separately from your accommodation and transport, you may want to look for a travel insurance policy that will offer to cover the cost of pre-paid tickets if you cannot make the trip. This isn’t routinely available on travel insurance policies so you may need to do a little research to find this cover.

In addition, make sure the policy offers a high enough cover limit for the cost your tickets – you don’t want to be left out of pocket if your cover limit is only £100 and you paid £500!
With the race taking place this Sunday, many fans will have their tickets booked and travel insurance sorted, however as there are still a few tickets left those booking last-minute should make sure they are not caught out and are fully covered.