British holidaymakers looking to head off on their summer breaks to Turkey have been given revised travel advice in light of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have updated their travel advice due to the elections which will be taking place on Sunday 24th June 2018.

Rallies and demonstrations are expected across Turkey and could cause chaos for those planning to visit. Holidaymakers are advised to ‘avoid large gatherings and follow the advice of the local authorities’.

The FCO also warn that additional security measures may be in place for flights departing from Turkey to the UK, and are asking everyone to co-operate fully with security officials at airports.

So, is it safe to travel to Turkey this summer?
Turkey remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for UK citizens, despite safety concerns the FCO has advised people to stay alert and remain vigilant. There are no talks of restrictions on travel to the area as yet.

What cover can you expect from your travel insurance?
Those who brought their travel insurance policies before the parliamentary and presidential elections were announced and no longer wish to travel to Turkey should bear in mind they will only be covered for cancellation if the rallies do cause civil unrest AND if their policy covers for ‘cancellation for any cause beyond their reasonable control’. However, it is important to note, travel insurance will not offer cover because you no longer wish to travel to the area in case something was to happen – this is called disinclination to travel.

Any travel insurance policies brought after Friday 1st June 2018 will not offer cancellation cover for this incident, as the rally and possible civil unrest are now classed as ‘a known event/risk’.