More bad news for those looking to travel to Paris; for the past few weeks the capital has been battling the River Siene floods and last night it was hit by 7inches of snow fall bringing Paris to a standstill.

Thousands have been left stranded in cars, roads are un-drivable and many Eurostar services have been cancelled. Emergency services are working hard to help everyone affected by the plummeting temperature and dangerous conditions.

Those currently in Paris, who’s travel plans have been disrupted should contact their travel company, tour operator or travel agent as it is there responsibility to find you alternative transport.

If you have booked your holiday independently and are not able to arrange alternative transport or additional accommodation through your travel company, check to see if your travel insurance policy includes ‘force majeure’ cover. There are a few policies that will cover force majeure as standard, others will offer it as an extension, and this will cover reasonable costs for you to return home as planned – so it’s worth checking your policy wording to see if this is cover you have.

People looking to travel to Paris in the near future should be aware that travel insurance will not cover for disinclination to travel due to treacherous conditions.
Those who’s outbound flights or train journeys have been affected, should also contact their travel company to arrange alternative transport. If alternative transport is not available, you should check to see if your policy covers for either force majeure or ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’ – this cover may entitle you to cancel your holiday but you will need to speak to your travel insurer directly to confirm this.

All policies purchased from Wednesday 7th February onwards will not be covered for ‘force majeure’ for this situation, as the event is already ‘known’.