Have you heard? Virgin Holidays will be sending one lucky winner away for a four-week holiday in North America, but wait for it… trialling 50 – yes 50! – of the craziest activities. The winner will be travelling to ten destinations and taking part in almost everything imaginable, from flying a fighter jet to zip lining. Who wouldn’t want to win that?

Virgin state the ideal candidate must have a taste for adventure and be able to capture the perfect Instagram shot as the winner will become the face of Virgin’s social media sites during the journey.

Now as exciting as these activities may sound, we can’t forget there is an element of danger and, whilst we do not want to be a kill joy, we advise the lucky winner – or anyone inspired by Virgin’s HoliDo – to make sure they have the right travel insurance.

Most travel insurance policies will cover a number of activities as standard, however those that are a little riskier – take skydiving for example – may require additional cover. The activity list can usually be found in the policy wording, so it is a good idea to have a flick through and make sure you are selecting the appropriate cover before buying the policy.

It is also worth bearing in mind most policies will include height or depth restrictions, for example scuba diving down to 30m with an instructor may be covered as standard, whereas scuba diving down to 40m may require an additional premium. Likewise if you are planning on mountaineering, check what the height restrictions are, they will differ from policy to policy. If you are unsure, call the travel insurance provider and they will be able to advise you.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and enter yourself for this once in a life time opportunity.
Good Luck!

For more information on how to enter please visit, Virgin Holidays.