Storm Amelie has battered regions across the Atlantic coast in France, Northern Spain and Italy with winds of up to 100mph. Torrential rain has caused severe flooding across parts of the European countries. There have been several reports of injuries caused by the storm and a woman has lost her life in Mallorca.

The first Autumn storm of 2019 has left more than 140,000 homes in the South of France without power and in Italy, families living in Sesta Godano have been evacuated.

Across France several rail services have been cancelled and roads are closed due to flooding and debris. A church steeple has also collapsed in Mimizan; a small town located in south-western France.

The famous French Riviera has been affected by flash flooding and strong winds.

It is believed Storm Amelie is gradually losing power as it moves inward, however the aftermath will take weeks to clear up.

It is not known whether flights have been affected, but anyone due to travel to the affected regions should check the status of their travel arrangements before leaving home. Understandably, people will be unsure about travelling to the area and may wish to cancel their trip. If so, these are the available options.

If the trip has been booked through a tour operator or travel agent then they may be able to amend the trip dates or destination. This will, however, depend on their individual terms and conditions.

Those who have booked independently and have a valid travel insurance will need to check their policy wording for either ‘cancellation for any cause’ or ‘force majeure’ cover. Terms and conditions will differ between travel insurance companies but generally speaking this cover will only be available if transport, accommodation or the region has been directly affected by Storm Amelie. Disinclination to travel will not be covered.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) travel advice for France and Italy has not changed. Those travelling to Spain are being advised by the FCO that “severe rain and thunderstorms with the potential for flash flooding are forecast across Spain”. Visitors are being asked to “please follow the advice of the local authorities”.