Eight US states including Ohio, Illinois and Indiana have been hit by suspected tornadoes and twisters. In Celina, an 81-year-old man died after a twister threw a car into his house whilst he slept. More than 40 others have been injured with several requiring hospital treatment.

More than 60,000 buildings have been left without power and there have been several reports of gas leaks. Homes and businesses have also been completely destroyed by the severe weather. Across the affected areas snow ploughs have been brought in to help clear the debris.

Several other states have been hit by strong rain and subsequence flooding. In Oklahoma, two people have died and the state has been placed under a state of emergency.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued tornado watches.

British holidaymakers who are currently in the area and wish to return home should be aware that most travel insurance policies will not cover costs related to force majeure. If the policy does cover for force majeure, costs for alternative accommodation (if you’re accommodation has been destroyed) or additional costs to return home (if travel is affected) will be covered. Returning home early will not be covered.

Those that have booked a trip and are yet to travel should check their policy for either force majeure or cancellation for any cause cover. Both sections will cover the cost of cancellation, if the accommodation or destination has been affected and a refund is not available for any other source.

Tornadoes and severe weather’s expected to continue over the coming days and clean-up operations are in place.