Travel Insurance Facilities speaks with Telegraph Money and offers valuable advice for those caught up in recent travel events.

Fiona Macrae from Travel Insurance Explained, was invited to take part in the Telegraph Money Podcast on Wednesday 11th October 2017 to offer advice to consumers on what cover to look for on travel insurance policies, to ensure they have the cover they expect when they need to make a claim – especially following the recent airline failures, cancellations and natural disasters!

With hurricanes, wildfires, protests and airline chaos, having been at the top of the news recently. Many holidaymakers found themselves having to cancel their holiday or were unable to return home as planned. Understandably, people have been confused by what they could expect from their travel insurer in similar situations.
Fiona’s advice was to look for a travel insurance policies which covered the following:
Cancellation cover for any cause beyond your reasonable control.
Force Majeure, which will offer protection should a natural disaster or an act of war disrupt your travel plans or cause damage to your accommodation.
Scheduled airline failure
End supplier failure
It is important to note that the above cover is not normally found under standard travel insurance policies and may cost a few pounds more, but in the circumstance like those we have just experienced, it would be money well spent.