The survey shows how, three in five people (64%) who go on a winters sports holiday, admit to drinking four or more glasses of wine or beer – on a typical night out – yet as many as 30% admitted they did not read or look for any alcohol restrictions in their policy.

The study of winter sports enthusiasts highlights that two-thirds (64%) of people heading off on a winter sports holiday expect their travel insurance to cover them if they break an arm or a leg – while skiing down the mountain – after drinking alcohol at a mountain bar, however, around a third (31%) are not aware that a standard insurance policy has an alcohol exclusion or restriction rule at all.

Fiona Macrae, from Travel Insurance Explained, said:

‘We all know alcohol slows reactions, removes inhibitions and can make us more reckless. So, skiing after a couple of drinks, or with a hangover, can increase your chances of having an accident and, just as importantly, could also invalidate any subsequent travel insurance claim.

‘Après skiing can be a major part of a winter sports holiday, so before you buy your travel insurance, make sure you check the alcohol clause. It’s important to remember that all travel insurance policies have an alcohol clause but the restrictions are very different from provider to provider. Some policies do have a zero tolerance to alcohol, or very tight restrictions, which could see you left out of pocket should you take a tumble on the slopes after a couple of drinks at lunchtime.’