Formula 1 enthusiasts will know, this Saturday’s Mexican Grand Prix promises to be an exciting race. With Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton 66 points ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, and only 75 points still available with three races still to go, Hamilton only needs to finish at least fifth this weekend to claim the title!

It will come as no surprise that tickets for this weekend’s race are sold out and only a limited number of tickets are available for the final two races; Brazil and Abu Dhabi. For those lucky enough to have got their hands on a ticket, is it covered by your travel insurance?

Ticket prices for this Saturday’s race range from £300 to a staggering £4000, but let’s not forget other sporting events; a ticket to the Australia vs England Ashes Test Match is around £70 and to witness the Rugby League World Cup Final you’re looking at around £330 – add the cost of flights and accommodation and you’ve already spent a small fortune.
So will your travel insurance cover the tickets if you have to cancel your trip? It all depends on how you booked them. Many standard travel insurance policies will not pay claims related to recovering the cost of pre-booked tickets; unless the tickets were part of a package holiday (e.g. you booked the ticket, flights and accommodation with one provider).
There are some travel insurance policies that will provide cover for tickets as standard, so be sure to check the policy wording carefully and make sure you buy a policy that will offer adequate cover for the ticket price.

As many sports enthusiasts book their tickets well in advance, we recommend you book your tickets, flights, accommodation AND travel insurance all in one go, so should the worst happen and you’re no longer able to make the event, you will not be left out of pocket.