All you have to do is scroll through Instagram and you will see picture after picture of people in well thought out outfits posing in front of pretty pastel houses, fields of flowers or iconic tourist spots.

The worldwide trend of ‘doing it for the ‘gram’ has taken over travel and no longer can we head to our favourite town or city without seeing someone in front of a camera – and the locals have had enough.

The latest city to voice its annoyance is Paris, Rue de Crémieux to be exact. The cobbled paths, potted plants and vibrant houses make this spot the ideal location for that perfect holiday shot. But whilst it may all be fun and games for the tourists, locals have approached the French Government and asked for the area to be gated and locked during sunrise, sunset, evenings and weekends.

Snapping holiday photos is something we are all guilty of but there is a fine line between finding the ideal backdrop, outfit and pose and being ruining the experience for others.

Iconic landmarks, like Machu Picchu in Peru or the Arc de Triomphe in Paris are also on the hit-list for Instagrammers and many tourists have complained they have been forced to wait in huge queues for hours on end just to get their photo.

Like with most trends, there are always people who take it too far and the majority of the time Instagrammers are respectful and ensure they are not causing any trouble but those who feel the need to trespass on property or head down an out-of-bounds track are ruining it for all.

Sooner or later, the Instagram craze will fade and a new travel trend will be set, but until then be mindful of other tourists – after all, you are all there to experience the amazing world we live in.