The Guinness World record for the biggest wave ever surfed has gone to Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa.
At the Big Wave Awards in California this week, the World Surf League has confirmed the wave Rodrigo surfed at Naraze in Portugal, on November 8, was a towering 80 feet (24.38m), which has earned him the world record.

However, surfing isn’t always the safest of activities, as Andrew Cotton, a Brit was reminded by being awarded the wipeout of the year during the same Awards. He horrifically fell in Naraze, back in November 2017, and is still recovering from his injuries, therefore wasn’t able to pick up his award in person.

So, if you find yourself bold enough to brave the waves, like Rodrigo and Andrew, make sure you have the correct travel insurance cover in place. It’s important to note, the majority of travel insurance providers don’t cover surfing as standard on their policies, and ‘wiping out’ without the correct cover in place could leave you hit by a hefty medical bill.
It may be worth looking for a policy that does offer extra cover for activities such as surfing as standard, there are a couple that will, so if you are tempted by some great waves on holiday, the cover is already there.