After weeks of dreaming about getting away and escaping the same four walls, Boris has finally announced that Britons can now enjoy a summer holiday here in the UK.

With hotels, B&Bs, campsites, caravan parks, rental cottages and other ‘self-contained accommodation’ set to reopen on the 4th July, many of us will be searching for socially-distanced staycations that will allow us to shake off that cabin fever.

But what the does the new advice means? What are the benefits of a staycation? And how you can protect your UK trip this summer?


What does the new advice mean?

On Tuesday, the government announced that as of July 4th, Britons can spend nights away from home, meaning that staycations in the UK are an option for those wanting to get away for a weekend or so.


What is a staycation and what are the benefits?

A staycation is a holiday that is spent in your home country, rather than abroad.

With the UK’s vast amount of countryside, popular beaches, and vibrant cities just a stone-throw away, it’s no wonder that staycations are becoming increasingly more popular amongst the Brits.

There are many incentives for holidaying nearer home. Firstly, with most UK hotspots only a few hours’ drive away, a holiday in the UK can be very convenient. Being in the UK also allows us Brits to take advantage of vouchers and deals on eating out and excursions, saving a few pennies and making the most of the hospitality industry opening up again. Many newly-opened attractions including museums, galleries, and parks, are also free to explore.

Staycations are also better for the environment and the economy. We’ve done such a good job of reducing pollution levels during lockdown, it would be a shame to get back into bad habits. The British economy is also suffering now more than ever, so a staycation could be a great way of investing in local businesses and be just the boost the economy needs.

Lastly, by not having to pass through airport security, sit on a plane with strangers, and ensure all your families masks stay on the whole time, a staycation will not only save a lot of hassle but will offer peace of mind for those concerned about social distancing, as you are able to travel and relax at your own leisure, and with your own space.


Do I need travel insurance for a holiday in the UK? And what will it cover me for?

Absolutely. A staycation or UK travel insurance policy is similar to the normal insurance policy bought to travel abroad. However, it is designed to provide more unique cover, tailored to those unfortunate mishaps that can happen during a UK getaway.

As with all travel insurance policies, it’s important to buy cover when you book your trip, as cancellation is one of the leading causes of having to make a claim. Staycation policies include cancellation cover as standard, allowing you to protect your trip financially.

Some UK policies provide cover for events such as property damage, should something be accidentally broken in a holiday home, and mean you are unable to get your deposit back. Others offer cover vehicle breakdown, which can of benefit to those who only have ‘near home’ cover on their roadside policy and need assistance during their trip.

While UK holidaymakers may not require emergency medical cover in a staycation policy (as we have access to the NHS), staycation policies provide cover for all other standard elements of any travel insurance policy, including curtailment, and personal possessions protection.