You may have noticed in the news lately that the Government are looking to crack down on those who are making fraudulent claims of ‘upset stomachs’ or ‘food poisoning’ whilst on holiday. Television adverts and cold callers are making it easier for British holidaymakers to submit claims, convincing them that they could be entitled to thousands and advising on the evidence they would need to make the claim.

It may seem like a ‘win, win’ opportunity, but a couple were recently jailed after it was revealed they made two fake claims, totalling to approximately £20,000 in compensation. It was later revealed through social media posts that they thoroughly enjoyed both trips, and were influenced to make the untrue claims by being told ‘it was easy money’.

This is certainly not the first of its kind; in 2016 there were roughly 35,000 claims relating to sickness on holiday, mounting to an unbelievable £240 million pounds in legal costs. In an attempt to put a stop to the high levels of sickness claims, the Government is warning all those who are found to have made a fraudulent claim that they will face prison. In addition, hotel companies are threatening to stop all-inclusive stays for British holidaymakers.

It is thought, if such claims do continue we could see a rise in holiday prices, meaning it may not be possible for families who enjoy a well-deserved yearly holiday to continue jetting abroad.
So, what does this mean for those honest holidaymakers out there? Falling ill on holiday can completely ruin your trip, and leave you feeling the results for weeks or months to come, depending on the severity of the problem.

After recent events you may be wary of claiming compensation, even though you may be entitled to it, through fear of not being believed. This is why Travel insurance is recommended no matter the destination, because in cases like this it could be your saviour.

When buying your travel insurance, make sure you have adequate cover for medical expenses. Gastritis can be extremely painful and difficult to self-medicate, particularly in a foreign country, so having the right travel insurance will mean you can contact your provider’s specialist emergency assistance team who will offer the advice you need and ensure you receive the treatment you require.

Following this, medical expenses can be claimed back when you return to the UK, meaning you will not be left out of pocket should you be unlucky enough to experience gastritis whilst on holiday.

Some policies will also include an inconvenience benefit for those who are admitted to hospital, which you can put towards the costs of magazines or phones calls to home.

Regardless of what caused the gastritis, if you do suffer sickness on holiday you’re travel insurance will have you covered. However, if you have contracted the gastritis at your hotel or resort, you must also inform the hotel, travel agent or tour operator straightaway. And once you are back to your old self, and you do want to discuss claiming compensation, you will have followed the correct procedure.