So now we’re all sat at home, the first thing we’re thinking is…I know where I’m going after lockdown.

As things stand, we might not be able to get on the jets as soon as we might have hoped, but with all the time on your hands, you could start planning the next best thing… Staycations! Yes, we know, the UK isn’t the Maldives, but it’s still pretty hard to beat with so many destinations to choose from.

So, if you plan on escaping lockdown blues the second travel restrictions are lifted, make a ‘freedom at last’ list that you can revisit later on in the year and check out these top attractions.


After spending weeks indoors, chances are you’re more than ready for a tipple or two! If so, you’ll find more than a few well-renowned breweries in this major city in the Northwest of England. Although the night life is second to none, that’s not all you could be getting up to – home to one of the most popular rock bands Oasis, the city is the centre for a lasting cultural buzz so, if you’re looking for a good time and better company, you’ve found your prime spot with this one.


Football is a huge part of British culture and although the Euro’s may have been postponed, Wembley is one place you should bear in mind when it comes to planning a staycation. Not only can you get in on everything football-related, you’ll also have the industrial city at your disposal. Shopping in Oxford Street is second to none with a variety of designer brands to choose from. Alternatively, if you’re looking to gets some aesthetic content for The Gram, Covent Garden should do the trick with multi-cultural market stalls and eye-catching trinkets.


Home to one of the most reputable female figures in the literary world with a history of architecture, Bath is the perfect place to visit if you’re a theatre enthusiast, rekindle your tryst with drama and visit the Theatre Royal, with a seating capacity  of 900 and a heritage of over 200 years, there’s no better place to explore some Georgian culture If you’re a fan of history, the Roman Baths will leave you astonished by the interesting Roman way of life – you’ll even get a chance to sample the mineral water which contains 43 minerals!


Ok, we know what you’re thinking… Sheep, sheep and more sheep. You’re right, the country is known for its abundance of fluffy, white balls of fur, but it’s also home to some pretty breath-taking scenes. You’ll be mesmerised by Snowdonia, if you take satisfaction in climbing mountains and reaching the summit after a long gruelling trek (or take the Snowdon Mountain Railway to the top). This one’s definitely one for the book. You could even take a trip to Cardiff, the country’s capital, if you want to ditch the hiking gear and don the party wear. Gower Coast is the perfect place to visit if you’re making a scrapbook or keeping a travel journal, the spellbinding views will give you tonnes of inspiration! If you enjoy uncovering hidden gems (not the pirate kind…) but the pastoral kind, you may find you’ll strike out at the Pembrokeshire Costal Path where you can explore 186 miles of winding pathways on a magnificent trail.


With cobblestone streets straight out of a Dickens novel, the capital of Northern Ireland is like travelling back in time. This one is for the history enthusiasts who could do with a visit to a place that has a wealth of castles, museums and bohemian markets. Visit St. Anne’s Cathedral, the Romanesque-styled building that has stood for over 100 years, or if that’s not quite your scene, you could take a trip to George’s Market on Victoria Street, where you’ll find dance and music on the weekends.

Lake District

Now everyone’s prepared to get a little more active, the Lake District offers quite a few activities that might tickle your fancy. Push the boat out and get on the water for the ultimate kayak tour, or take a guided walking tour if you prefer to keep on dry land. You can choose from beginner’s child friendly trips or strenuous long hikes. There’ll no doubt be something for everyone!

Just a little reminder…

You might have to lay low for the next couple of months but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for a staycation whilst you self-isolate. This was written with the aim of inspiring you for when things do eventually get back to normal but for the mean time stay home and stay safe. When the dust settles, you’ll be well informed with all the best places to visit to feed your soul and satisfy your mind.