It is estimated that over roughly 500,000 Ryanair passengers will be affected by the airline’s decision to cancel up to 50 flights a day until the end of October. If you are one of those unfortunate people what cover can you expect from your travel insurance policy?

Fiona Macrae of Travel Insurance Explained said “The majority of standard travel insurance policies will not provide cover if you are unable to travel because the airline cancels your flight. Whilst you can reasonably expect the airline to refund you for the cost of your flight, you could find yourself seriously out of pocket if you are unable to use your pre-booked holiday accommodation car hire or theme park tickets.

These costs are not generally covered by travel insurance unless specifically stated in your travel insurance policy wording.
We would urge anyone buying a travel insurance policy, look for one that provides cover for cancellation due to ‘any cause beyond your reasonable control’. These policies may be slightly more expensive than standard policies, but that would be a couple of pounds well spent if you are affected by Ryanair canceling your flights or a similar situation”.