Parts of the UK have been battered by stormy weather this week with high winds and torrential downpours causing havoc for commuters particularly those travelling by rail.

Train drivers have been forced to follow strict speed restrictions as a safety precaution causing severe delays to the following rail networks; West Midlands, South Western Railway, Great Western Line and Virgin trains. Some trains have been cancelled, including all Blackpool services.

Passengers affected by the cancellations should speak with their rail company directly as some companies will allow affected passengers to travel on a later service or postpone their trip until the following day.

Fallen trees and debris on the tracks is also adding to the disruption.

More bad news comes to rail passengers, as despite constant delays, inoperable trains and cancelled services without prior warning rail fares will rise by 3.1% from the New Year. Those who pay an annual premium could be facing an increase of up to £180.00 with no confirmation of improved services.

The news doesn’t improve for those travelling by air either. Storm Diana has caused British Airways to cancel 38 flights in and out of London Heathrow and an Aer Lingus flight due to land in Bristol was diverted to Birmingham and following flights due to fly to the UK with the airline were cancelled.

Qantas has also delayed flights due to the weather conditions.

Passengers affected by the cancellations and delays should speak with their airline directly, however it is unlikely compensation will be available as weather conditions fall under ‘extraordinary circumstances’. Airlines should provide passengers with refreshments and accommodation if necessary but again, this will differ between airlines. For more information on delays, click here.

Those travelling by road should also be aware of poor driving conditions and traffic delays.

Passengers travelling with budget airline Ryanair have also been experiencing delays, but surprisingly not sue to Storm Diana. Since Ryanair brought in its new baggage rules airport queues have become almost unbearable with many passengers taking to social media to complain about the airline.

The airline defends its new restrictions and claims they are to improve timekeeping, but passengers simply do not agree.