With MPs now voting to extend Brexit and no understanding of what is going to happen it’s no wonder families are opting to stay in the UK for the Easter holidays. But with a rise in staycations comes a rise in congestion.

The RAC have announced that a staggering 14 million people will take to the road for their Easter break between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, with most people travelling between 3pm and 7pm tomorrow.

Commuters should expect delays on major motorways, as well as around holiday hotspots and seaside towns.

Before setting off, motorists are being advised by the RAC to check that their vehicle is prepared for long commutes, specifically carrying out check on the oil levels, coolant and tyres.

As well as vehicle checks, families should also ensure they have a suitable travel insurance policy for their trip – even if they are staying in the UK. Travel insurance will offer protection against lost, stolen or damaged possessions as well as cancellation or having to come home early. Some policies will also cover the cost of pre-paid excursions if you can no longer participate in them due to medical reasons or cancellation of the holiday so this may be something to look out for if you have booked your activities in advance. More on UK holidays can be found here.

Families that are still heading abroad should ensure they are leaving ample time to reach the airport as missed flights due to traffic delays are rarely covered by travel insurance. Having said that, there are a few policies that will offer to cover passengers for missed departure if the traffic delay was not announced before they left for the airport – and they allowed sufficient time to reach the airport and pass through security. More on missed departure can be found here.