National Rail have told travellers to prepare for disruption due to the closure of London Euston throughout the Easter and early May Bank Holiday weekends. This is a result of engineers carrying out essential planned maintenance on the West Coast main line in preparation for HS2, Britain’s new high-speed railway.

Euston will be closed over the Easter weekend (19-22 April) and the first May Bank Holiday weekend (4-6 May) with no trains in or out of the mainline station during that time.

This closure will have a significant impact on journeys, forcing alternative routes, causing longer travel times and making trains considerably busier than usual.

It is advised that those who require London Euston for an airport transfer, plan ahead and find alternative means to get there,  bearing in mind that any alternative routes may be busier than normal.  Most travel insurance policies do offer cover for missed departure, however the cover can be quite limited, in general, your travel insurance policy will offer cover for missed departure if; your public transport is delayed, the vehicle in which you are travelling becomes undrivable due to mechanical failure, or if you are involved in an accident.

What isn’t normally covered is missing your flight due to heavy traffic, however you can find policies that will offer missed departure for ‘something that you could not have been expected to foresee or avoid’, this type of policy would cover you if you were stuck in traffic and missed your flight, provided you left sufficient time to travel to the airport. You can read more about missed departure cover here.