After weeks of wet weather and snow, the sunshine has finally appeared and the majority of Brits are enjoying highs of 21 Degrees Celsius.
With the higher UK temperatures expected to continue and the cost of overseas holiday’s increasing, more people than ever are planning to spend their Summer break in the UK rather than travelling abroad – and why shouldn’t they?

Staycations are perfect for escaping reality and planning one couldn’t be easier with our handy guide.
But what about travel insurance?
The price of a UK holiday can quickly rack up; what with accommodation, vehicle expenses and excursions to pay for so it is important to make sure you buy suitable travel insurance.
Although the NHS will treat UK citizens for free, so cover for medical expenses is not always necessary, your travel insurance is needed to protect you should you need to cancel your trip, or your personal possessions are lost or stolen.

When buying your travel insurance, be sure to check the policy wording carefully and make sure the cover is suitable for your needs. It is also worth bearing in mind, most travel insurance policies will only cover a UK holiday that is a minimum of two nights and if the accommodation is pre-paid.
And with excursions, if you pay for them in advance it is worth looking for a travel insurance policy that will reimburse the entry/ticket cost if you are not able to make your trip.
Handling the heat-wave…

Granted most of us welcome what little sun we receive during the spring, you should always take care in high temperatures. Here’s our handy tips for handling the heatwave…
Be prepared! If you are heading out for the day make sure you pack a bottle of water, sun cream and a hat.
Avoid spending long periods of time in the heat and stick to the shady areas where you can.
Remember, in hotter weather more people are likely to be on the roads – heading to the beach, no doubt – so allow extra time for traffic delays and keep an adequate supply of water and snacks in the car.