A recent study has revealed that since the pandemic, more travellers are seeking advice from travel experts before booking a holiday online.

The research detailed how before Covid-19 existed around two-thirds of holiday bookings took place online. However, so far in 2022, nearly 50% of all trips have been bought either with or off the back of seeking expert advice.

So, what are the benefits of speaking to a travel expert before booking a trip abroad?

Their expertise

Travel experts are professionals in the service they offer and have a vast amount of knowledge in travel destinations and experiences. Some travel agencies can provide customers with a selection of advisors that offer guidance on different holiday types. For example, cruise experts, honeymoon experts, you get the picture. Speaking with a travel expert allows travellers to access exclusive knowledge without doing any extensive research.

Travel experts are well-equipped to recommend different types of holiday destinations based on the customer’s trip wants, needs, and most importantly, budget. Whether it’s a certain type of accommodation they’re after, a specific time of flying or the sort of activities travellers want to take part in holiday – they’re best placed to advise. What’s more, because they are experts in what they do and plan holidays day-in-and-out, they can also recommend areas to avoid or scams in particular areas to look out for – that someone booking online may not be aware of. We’ve also pulled together some of the most common holiday scams, why not check it out here?

Lastly, should travellers decide to book a package holiday through the advisor, in most cases, the trip will be ATOL protected. This means that should the holiday be unable to go ahead and cancelled by the provider, travellers are entitled to receive a full refund of their trip costs within 7 days – or have the option to rearrange their travel dates.

Their help in an emergency

Another reason that booking through a travel agency or with a travel expert can be beneficial is that should plans unexpectedly change or go wrong, they can step in and help get a trip back on course.

Travel experts are there to handle any emergencies or slip-ups that may arise while on holiday. For example, a missed flight connection, a hotel that unexpectedly closes. If anything goes wrong, they are often no further than a phone call away, which can be very reassuring for those who are travelling internationally or want that extra peace of mind during their trip.

Of course, when in a medical emergency, travellers should always contact their travel insurance provider in the first instance for advice on the most appropriate medical facility to attend. More information on what to do in a medical emergency abroad can be found here.

Travel restrictions and entry requirements

Since the pandemic, many countries have imposed some form of travel restrictions or requirements on British travellers. For example, the need to arrive with proof of a full vaccination status, provide evidence of a negative PCR test 48 hours before departure etc.

Booking with a travel agent or at least seeking advice from a travel expert can elevate some of the pressure of trying to figure out exactly what travel documents are required when visiting a specific destination.

While it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to make sure they have the necessary travel documents to hand, travel advisors can talk their clients through exactly what evidence is needed and point them in the direction of how to attain it.

Of course, they can also take care of any administrative duties, such as arranging visas, flights, accommodation etc, which is one less thing to worry about when planning a break.

We know the Covid-19 requirements can be a little confusing, so we’ve put together our very own guide on travelling after the pandemic which can be found here.

Their company connections

 Whether it’s a reliable PCR test provider, a trusted transport firm, or an activities operator that the company books all its excursions through, travel agents and experts generally have a list of go-to firms that can be shared with their clients. Sometimes the relationship between the provider and travel advisor can result in discounted offerings for clients. Other times it’s just an additional layer of peace of mind knowing that they are trusted.

However, most travel agencies or experts will also have a few recommended travel insurance providers that their customers can buy their insurance through should they book with them. Of course, travellers can take out an insurance policy with whichever provider they deem most suitable to their individual and travel needs – and it does not necessarily have to be the provider that the travel agency or expert recommends.

Although, one thing that all those in the industry would agree on is the fact that insurance should be taken out the day that the trip is booked to make sure it is fully protected and protect travellers financially should anything happen before or during the holiday.

We know that travelling after the pandemic may be a little daunting for some. And knowing what aspects of cover to look out for in a policy can be confusing.

So, if you have any questions, our team is here to help with all things travel-insurance-related. So, if there’s anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at hello@travelinsuranceexplained.co.uk, and we will do our very best to assist!