As Queensland continues to battle more than 100 catastrophic bushfires, heavy rainfall is causing flash-flooding and chaos in Sydney. The Australian city is thought to have suffered its average monthly rainfall in just two hours with road conditions becoming undrivable. More than 3,200 homes and businesses have lost power.

Two people have lost their lives during the storm, one a 14-year-old boy and the other a volunteer for the state’s emergency services. Two police officers have also been injured.

The treacherous conditions, with winds of up to 55mph, have already caused several vehicles to crash and the authorities are warning people to avoid travelling and not attempt to drive through the floods.

New South Wales’s coastal region has been worst hit and the storm has avoided many dry inland regions.

Australia has been experiencing, and continues to experience, an array of extreme weathers across the country. Anyone due to travel to the area should firstly check with their airline or tour operator as some flights may have been affected. Those who booked their trip independently should check their travel insurance for Force Majeure cover. More can be read about this here.