With just under sixty days left until Brexit, the Government has announced what will happen to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) post 29th March 2019 – and it’s not good news for holidaymakers or British citizens who live in Europe.

UK holidaymakers looking to travel to or students that are studying in Europe post-Brexit who are hoping to use their EHIC should check the arrangement with the country they are visiting as the card may not be valid.

Previously, the EHIC (formally known at the E111) entitled UK holidaymakers to free or discounted emergency medical treatment in EU hospitals. Although the EHIC was never a replacement for travel insurance, the Government is now strongly advising holidaymakers to ensure they buy a suitable travel insurance policy regardless of the country they are travelling to.

British citizens working or living in the EU will now need to register for access to healthcare in the country they live in. The Government is advising they may need to be “a long-term resident or pay social security contributions to access free or discounted healthcare”.

Alongside the EHIC, the S1 certificate may also no longer be valid post-Brexit. British citizens living in the EU are advised to take out medical insurance or health insurance and to check the latest arrangements between the UK and the country they live in.

As the 29th March looms and Brexit discussions start to reach a conclusion UK holidaymakers should keep an eye on the Government Website for any changes to travel.

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