In our recent research we found 78% of people believe holidays in Europe will become more expensive and the latest news about Passport validity seems to confirm this fear.  With just over two months until Brexit, UK holidaymakers are still no closer to a definite understanding of how their travel will be affected post-March 29th. The latest no-deal Brexit revelation has come as a shock as around 3.5 million British passports will not be valid.

A huge number of UK holidaymakers will not be able to travel to the EU, including popular holiday spots Spain and Italy, if Britain leaves on a no-deal. The news comes after thousands of people with booked ferry crossing were told these had to be rescheduled due to a demand for transportation of critical goods (medication).

Under EU law, all non-EU holidaymakers must have a passport that lasts for ten years. Amidst the Brexit confusion, a significant number of people have renewed their passports early and have been allowed to carryover up to nine months, making their passport valid for longer than 10 years. If UK holidaymakers travel into any of the 26 countries in the Schengen Area within the period outside of the ten years, their passport will be deemed invalid and they will be refused entry.

Likewise, UK holidaymakers will need to have a period of 6-months validity remaining on their passport from the date they leave the UK and enter the EU. On the day of travel, UK holidaymakers that have more than 15-months until their passport expires may also be refused entry.

With millions of people due to head abroad for the Easter and summer holidays, it is expected there will be an influx in passport renewals – an unexpected holiday cost to some.

The Government has launched an online tool which will allow UK holidaymakers to check if they need to renew their passports. For more information on how Brexit can affect your trip, click here.