Brexit discussions are unescapable and British holidaymakers are still no closer to knowing whether their travel plans will be disrupted post-Brexit. There have been talks that flights will be grounded on March 29th 2019 and now tens of thousands of people are being told their cross-channel ferry journey will be disrupted.

The Government’s no-deal contingency plan means all passengers that have booked their journey with Brittany Ferries between March 29th and mid-May have been informed, via email, that the journey is cancelled. The crossings have been rescheduled for later in the year.

Brittany Ferries has been selected by the Government to assist with the additional transportation of ‘critical goods’ i.e. medications across the channel post-Brexit.

This is the first cancellation announced in the run up to Brexit and we have no doubt there will be many more to follow. It is now more essential than ever for UK holidaymakers to ensure they are buying travel insurance as soon as they book their holiday, and to ensure that the policy they buy will meets their expectations should a claim need to be made.

Although many travel insurers have announced they will not be offering cover for claims due to Brexit, there are a few insurers that will. When buying a policy, look for one that offers ‘cancellation for any cause’ or ‘cancellation for any reason which you could not have been expected to foresee or avoid’ – and if in doubt, speak to the insurer directly.

Noting, this travel insurance cancellation cover is only affective before any announcements have been made. So if you are planning – or have booked – a trip in 2019, ensure you are not leaving your travel insurance to the last minute.

If you have concerns about travelling post-Brexit, take a look at our ‘Your Brexit Travel Questions Answered’.