Travel insurance – should you have the right for your cancer diagnosis to be forgotten?

‘Cancer patients have the right to be forgotten’, is the strong statement being brought forward by campaign group, Youth Cancer Europe.

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Travel Insurance Explained wants easier access to travel insurance

Travel Insurance Explained organised a Roundtable at the Palace of Westminster, London on Monday 15th October 2018. Hosted and Chaired by Sharon Hodgson MP…

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TIE attends Shine Cancer Support’s Great Escape

Consumer awareness campaign, Travel Insurance Explained (TIE) were delighted to be asked to speak at Shine Cancer Support’s Great Escape to Manchester.

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Primera Air goes bust, are you affected?

Primera Air announced yesterday night that it would be ceasing all operations. The low-cost airline only began offering long-haul flights…

Indonesia hit by deadly earthquake and tsunami

More than 800 people are confirmed dead following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami which hit Indonesia on Friday.

190 Ryanair flights cancelled, what are your rights?

Irish airline, Ryanair has cancelled 190 of the 2,400 flights set to take off on Friday 28th September 2018 due to cabin crew strikes across six countries.

Typhoon Jebi causes severe disruption across Japan’s major cities

Hundreds of people have been injured and at least ten have died following Typhoon Jebi which hit Japan late yesterday evening.

Everything you need to know about hand luggage

If you are planning to travel by air any time soon it may be a good idea to brush up on the new hand luggage rules before booking your ticket.

Will travel insurance be made compulsory?

Over the past couple of year’s Egypt has been in the centre of the media’s attention for one reason or another and following recent events it may become compulsory…

Travel chaos for just about everyone this bank holiday

The August bank holiday is set to be a dreary one with predicted travel delays for holidaymakers adding to the gloom.

World Health Organisation warns of deadly virus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning holidaymakers and brits living abroad of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, after the number of reported infections…

Tourists banned and 164 dead following Indian Monsoon

A devastating monsoon flood has hit Kerala killing more than 164 people. A red alert has been issued across India’s southern state.

Unseasonal wildfires burn through New South Wales

Over 80 wildfires are burning their way across New South Wales, Australia, with 30 still thought to be uncontained. Fire crews are working hard to bring the blazes under control…

Why buy travel insurance early?

We’ve noticed in some consumer forum’s people are unsure of when to buy their travel insurance – last minute or as soon as they book their holiday? So, we thought it would be useful…

Sickness bugs and how to avoid them on holiday

The most common cause for food poisoning amongst British tourists is undercooked poultry contributing to 244,000** cases a year. This is closely followed by beef…

Tourists evacuated following Indonesian earthquake

At least 91 people are thought to have died, with the death toll expected to rise, following an earthquake that hit the Indonesian Island of Lombok, near Bali.

Warnings for UK tourists using mopeds and quadbikes abroad

Mopeds and quadbikes are widely available to British tourists especially in Greece, Turkey and Thailand but the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) is warning holidaymakers.

Is the heatwave set to stay in the UK?

As temperatures hit record highs in the UK, Africa, Canada and Japan everyone is now asking how long will this hot weather last?