Did COVID-19 Cancel Your Holiday? Have You Accepted A Refund Credit Note?

British holidaymakers with unused ‘Refund Credit Note’ vouchers are urged to use these before they lose financial protection.

Extra Travel Restrictions To Austria As Covid-19 Cases Rise

With Covid-19 cases surging across Europe, Austria has introduced harsh measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

Alcohol at The Airport: How Much Is Too Much?

A group of women have gone viral on social media after being filmed handing out shots of Malibu and Vodka at airport security. But do you know your limits when it comes to travelling with alcohol?

Heathrow Airport Affected by System Glitch, Again

Travellers at Heathrow Airport have been caught up in hour-long queues again after a system glitch caused all e-gates to stop working.

What Happens If My PCR Test Doesn’t Arrive In Time?

What options do you have if your results do not arrive in time and what steps can you take to avoid this happening?

Five Top Christmas Markets in the UK 2021

Christmas is literally just around the corner and, with the majority of Christmas Markets opening this month you better get your skates on if you want to make the most of the festivities. To make the decision process a little easier for you, we have found the top five Christmas Markets in the UK for 2021.

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FCDO Urges Travellers To Check NHS Pass Date

The FCDO has updated its travel advice, urging British travellers to make sure any PDF paper versions of their NHS COVID Pass are dated from November 1st onwards.

What Does The EES Mean For Travellers?

The European Union’s (EU) long-awaited Entry/Exit System (EES) could cause severe delays for UK passengers. Find out how to protect your trip here.

How To Protect Your UK Trip From Travel Disruption

Some UK-specific policies allow travellers to claim for a benefit of up to £500 if the arrival to their trip destination is delayed.

Air Passenger Duty Fees Increase: What This Means For You

Passengers travelling for long-haul flights will see an increase of £91 for economy class tickets. Business class and premium economy seats will double this amount.

COVID: The Ultimate Guide

The world is starting to open again and there has been a surge in holiday bookings but, with ever-changing rules, additional tests and contradicting advice how can you make sure your holiday is protected against COVID?

Why You Should Declare Existing Medical Conditions

We remind travellers of the importance of declaring any existing or previous medical conditions to their travel insurance provider.

Tunisia Re-Introduces PCR Tests for Brits

Tunisia has re-introduced the requirement for British travellers to arrive with proof of a negative PCR test, despite dropping the necessity earlier this month.

Going On a Ski Holiday? Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Cover

We’ve pulled together some useful top tips on things to remember before you set off for the slopes this winter sports season.

Does My Covid-19 Vaccine Have An Expiry Date – Will This Affect Travel?

Several countries have announced that they will be placing a fixed validity period for which travellers can use their vaccine status for travel.

What To Do If You Cannot Access Your NHS Covid Pass?

Here’s how to get an offline record of your vaccine status, if you cannot access your documents through the NHS Covid app.

Travellers Warned Of Ski-Transfer Limits This Winter

Wintersport enthusiasts hitting ski resorts in the Alps this year may be in for a slippery ride when it comes to securing transfers to and from the airport.

Have You Got The Right Documentation For Your Staycation?

Staycations are the ‘safer’ option for those keen to get away, but holidaymakers mustn’t be caught out by the differing Covid-19 restrictions between each UK nation.

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