Changing Your Holiday Destination as Air Bridges Collapse? Don’t Forget to Let Your Travel Insurance Provider Know!

Tourists who have had their holidays to Spain affected by the recent change in FCO advice are being offered the chance to switch their holiday to another ‘safe’ country.

Spain Quarantine: What Options Do British Holidaymakers Have?

On July 25th, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised British nationals against all but essential travel to mainland Spain, with effect from midnight. 48-hours later, the travel restriction was extended to advise Britons against travel to the Spanish Balearic and Canary Islands as well.

Offered A Refund Credit Note? Your Money Is Safe!

Here we explain exactly what a refund credit note is and what this means for those who have accepted them.

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Virgin Atlantic Takes To The Skies Again

After a very uncertain few months, Virgin Atlantic has started flying again! The re-start comes just a week after the airline was close to the brink.

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What’s The EHIC And What Does A Future Without It Look Like?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has long been a fundamental part of any holiday in the European Union (EU). However, as we near the end of the transition period, and no reciprocal agreement appears to be in place, the future of the EHIC is starting to look uncertain.

Are Travel Insurance Premiums Likely To Increase Now That We Can Travel Again?

There has been a lot of speculation within the media that travel insurance policies are likely to increase as a result of both the coronavirus outbreak and the end of the looming Brexit transition period.

Thinking of Booking A 2020 Holiday? Here’s Our Essential Checklist

Before deciding on your next getaway, take a little time to consider what’s happened over the last few months and make sure you follow our guidelines when booking your next trip!

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Advise Against Cruise Ship Travel

On July 9th, 2020 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued a statement advising British holidaymakers to avoid travelling on cruise ships. What does this advice mean for those with an upcoming trip?

How to Prepare and Protect Your Post-Lockdown Holiday

From July 10th British tourists can travel to any of the countries listed as ‘safe’ by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) without having to quarantine upon their return to the UK. Here are some top tips on how to prepare for your first holiday abroad since lockdown and advice on how to protect your trip.

Announcement Of Overseas Travel – What Does This Mean For You?

Here we explain which countries British tourists can travel to without needing to isolate upon their return, which restrictions may still be in place, which countries aren’t included in the government’s list, and why travel insurance is still an essential part of any holiday.

Top Tips for A Socially Distanced UK Holiday

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you enjoy some time away while still staying safe during a staycation.

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Lift in Lockdown Measures – What You Need to Know About Staycation Cover

Hotels, B&Bs, campsites, caravan parks, rental cottages and other ‘self-contained accommodation’ are set to reopen on July 4th. But what the does the new advice means? What are the benefits of a staycation? And how you can protect your UK trip this summer?

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What Does A ‘Staycation’ Travel Insurance Policy Cover Me For?

We’ve been dreaming about getting away and escaping our same four walls for weeks now. So, when the government finally gives us the go-ahead to venture out of our homes and book a trip in the UK, remember to insure your trip with a UK-specific or staycation policy, as the last thing you want is to get caught short while enjoying a well-deserved break.

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Why Aren’t Insurers Offering Full Refunds For Cancelled Travel Insurance Policies?

Here’s why you may not be entitled to a full refund if you cancel your travel insurance policy.

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What Does The 14-day Quarantine Mean For You?

What does the 14-day quarantine mean? When will restrictions be lifted? What options do I have if I don’t want to isolate for another two weeks? We’ve got answers to your questions here!

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Things To Look Out For In A Staycation Policy

As searches surge for staycation destinations in the UK and more people consider spending their summer holiday closer to home, many people may be wondering why they should buy travel insurance and what a UK insurance policy may cover.

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Airlines Are Resuming… Can I Go On My Holiday?

There has been a lot of speculation around when and if we will soon be able to go on holiday, following recent announcements from airlines revealing plans to resume flights within the few next months. What we all want to know is are we able to go on holiday this year? And what should we do if our airline starts flying again?

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What Does The ‘Air Bridge’ Mean For Me and Future Holidays Abroad?

The possibility of an ‘Air Bridge’ between the UK and other countries where the coronavirus outbreak is well under control could be implemented to allow tourism to restart. But what is an ‘Air Bridge’?

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