How will the fires at Luton airport impact my travel insurance?

Luton airports terminal 2 car park has partially collapsed after catching fire. The fire broke out on Tuesday the 10th of October around 9pm, engulfing the car park.

Motorcycle Accidents Abroad: What Will Your Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance, which offers protection from financial loss while abroad, has strict policies when it comes to riding motorcycles on holiday.

Hurricane Nigel is set to bring havoc to the UK this weekend

The Met Office has issued a warning as Hurricane Nigel is set to cause havoc across the UK in the coming days. Will travel be affected?

Is it safe to travel to Marrakesh?

Almost 3,000 people have lost their lives following the earthquake that hit Morocco on Friday 8th September, but is it safe to travel?

Passports stolen abroad: what should you do?

A mum of two has been left with no option but to raise money through a Go Fund Me page after the family’s passports and mobile phones were stolen leaving them stranded in Madeira


What does the delay of the €7 visa-waiver mean for you?

The introduction of a €7 visa-waiver fee has been pushed back, again, meaning British travellers will not have to pay an additional charge to travel to the EU until at least 2024.


Should you bank on your travel insurance?

The convenience of a travel insurance policy rolled into a package bank account, where the payment comes out automatically on a monthly basis may be appealing for many.


As temperatures soar, Mediterranean wildfires are spreading at an alarming rate

The UK is set to have its hottest day on record today with temperatures predicted to reach 41oC. The surging temperatures have caused catastrophe across most of Europe. Wildfires are spreading rapidly along the Mediterranean with France, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Portugal being worst affected.

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Holidaymakers warned to check their travel insurance for this crucial cover

Consumer awareness campaign, Which?, has found 4 in ten travel insurance policies do not cover holidaymakers if their travel plans are affected by airport or airline staff strikes.

Why you should always declare your medical conditions to your travel insurer

It’s certainly not new news that holidaymakers can be left to foot hefty medical bills due to their travel insurer refusing to cover costs, but it is easily prevented.

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Would you pay £10 now to save yourself £10,000 later?

The cost of an air ambulance from Europe to the United Kingdom is approximately €20,000. From the States, the cost of medical repatriation is significantly higher and is in the region of $100,000.

Airline giant, British Airways, cancels more than 100 flights

British Airways has not had the best of starts since borders reopened following the pandemic. Following a chaotic Easter Bank Holiday, the airline giant has now cancelled over 100 flights.

Five month wait for passports sees holiday spirits come crashing down

We are being warned of an “unprecedented demand” for passports. Kevin Foster, Immigration Minister, voiced the warnings and has said the demand is putting severe strain on the system.

Influencer slammed for flying in her third trimester: what are the risks?

Recently a 27 year old influencer was forced to defend herself after fans slammed her flying to the Maldives during her third trimester. Tammy Hembrow is currently 32 weeks pregnant with her third child.

Holiday bookings are soaring, but what do you need to be careful of?

A study carried out by travel medical company, Collinson, found that 93% of leisure travellers are planning to travel abroad in the next year


Last minute holiday prep means travel insurance is forgotten

It has been revealed, by The Mirror, that travellers are leaving holiday preparation to the very last minutes amid fears COVID is going to ruin their plans.

Bank Holiday Travel Chaos for Many this Easter

Whilst many were enjoying the sunshine over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, air and rail passengers faced severe delays.

Planning a UK Break This Easter? Here Are Some Top Tips to Make Sure Your Trip Is Protected!

It is important that travellers continue to protect their staycations with suitable travel insurance and Covid-19 cover, as they did during the pandemic.

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