Measles outbreak in the Philippines

Over 1,800 cases of the highly contagious measles virus have been reported in the Philippines since the 26th January 2019.

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Turkmenistan Airlines banned and passengers are stranded

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has withdrawn Turkmenistan Airlines permit to operate in the UK leaving thousands of passengers stranded in Asia.

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The US Polar Vortex has claimed the lives of 8 people

Eight people have lost their lives in the US as temperatures continue to plummet well below freezing.

Has the fate of the EHIC been decided; the latest on Brexit

With just under sixty days left until Brexit, the Government has announced what will happen to the EHIC.

Five people have drowned in the Maldives

Holidaymakers looking to travel to the Maldives are being warned to take extra precautions when swimming…

More no-deal Brexit misery for UK holidaymakers

With just over two months until Brexit, UK holidaymakers are still no closer to a definite understanding of how their travel will be affected post-March 29th.

Will Brexit no-deal plans disrupt your holiday?

Brexit discussions are unescapable and British holidaymakers are still no closer to knowing whether their travel plans will be disrupted post-Brexit.

The holiday sickness scam epidemic

It’s been a number of years since claims management companies started appearing on our television screens and across social media with promises of compensation following ‘holiday sickness’.

Disneyland Park prices increase by 25%

Disneyland, deemed the happiest place in the world, is the childhood dream of holiday destinations but those looking to book a trip to Disneyland Park in California…

Seven die amidst avalanche warnings in the Alps

Seven people have lost their lives due to heavy snow fall in the Alps and a high risk avalanche warning has been announced.

Bag yourself a holiday bargain this Sunshine Saturday

Airlines, travel agents and tour operators are preparing for the busiest day of the year for holiday booking. Dubbed Sunshine Saturday, the first Saturday in January…

Tourists flee popular holiday spots in Thailand

All flights and ferry services along Thailand’s southern golf coast will be suspended as Tropical Storm Pabuk approaches.

‘New Year, New Me’… or not in Ryanair’s case

Cabin crew working for Ireland’s budget airline, Ryanair, are threatening 24-hour strikes over working conditions and salary disputes. Unions representing the Mediterranean-based staff…

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Gatwick reopens, but drone continues to cause chaos

After having to ground flights for more than 33 hours, with only four days left until Christmas Day, Gatwick Airport is now in a position to allow a limited number of flights to arrive and depart.

Christmas chaos for Gatwick Airport

Gatwick, London’s busiest airport is experiencing severe delays after two drones were spotted flying over the airfield.

Delays and Cancellations, how to ensure you are not left out of pocket this winter!

Recent events at Gatwick Airport have jeopardised Christmas travel plans for thousands of people and as temperatures continue to drop passengers…

North Carolina has been hit by a deadly snowstorm

Thousands of residents have been left without power and at least two people have lost their lives as a snowstorm swept across the US state.

Travel chaos and rising fares, this week’s roundup

Parts of the UK have been battered by stormy weather this week with high winds and torrential downpours causing havoc for commuters particularly those travelling by rail.